In the past the village of Winwick, which appears to have been a rich parish, has had some notable rectors but this came to an end when the rectory estates were sold off in the early 1950s. Since that date, the village has had a Vicar who has lived outside of the village and sharing his parishial duties with another parish.

Rectors of Winwick

John Stanbridge                                                                                            1507-10

Rowlandus Messenger                                                                                    1510-54

Gawinus Williamson                                                                                       1554-82

Leonardus Warde                                                                                           1582-1614

Samuel Clarke                                                                                                1614-41

Anthony Scattergood                                                                                       1641-87

John Cartwright                                                                                              1687-93

Roger Whalley                                                                                                 1694-1733

Squire Payne                                                                                                   1733-34

Decimus Reynolds                                                                                            1734-37

Squire Payne                                                                                                    1737-41

John Dudley                                                                                                      1741-45

Thomas Hartley                                                                                                1745-84

James Williamson                                                                                             1785-1810

John Pretyman                                                                                                  1810-42

James Amiraux Jeremie                                                                                     1843-48

Alexander Leslie Bromhead                                                                                 1848-76

George Ayliffe Palmer                                                                                        1876-73

William Henry Disney                                                                                         1883-1903

Charles Page Eden                                                                                             1903-32

Ernest Julius Parker                                                                                           1932-42

Thomas Walter Long                                                                                          1942-55