At one time may of the rectors were non-residental and as a result the village was often served by a curate. These included:

Abiel Thomas, who was appointed as Curate of Winwick on October 7th, 1677, was a graduate of Trinity College, Camridge. He was also the Rector of Yelvertoft from 1687 until his death. Buried at Yelvertoft on February 19th, 1691/92

George White was appointed Curate of Winwick on July 22nd, 1692.

Robert Sadler was appointed Curate on September 22nd, 1716

John Watkin was appointed Curate on September 24th, 1722

Eyre Whalley became the Curate of Winwick on June 5th, 1732.

Henry Pepperel, who was appointed Curate of Winwick on June 1st, 1777, had previosily been the Rector of Oxenden. A graduate of St Catherine's College, he was to hold the post of Rector of West Harling with Middle Harling, Norfolk from 1766 until his death in 1789. There is a memoral in Winwick Church to his wife, Catherine, who died during his time at Winwick. 

Stephen Allen, who was appointed Curate of Winwick on March 5th, 1814, was a graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge.

John Buckby, who became Winwick's Curate in 1816 was also curate of East Haddon.

Charles Thomas Glyn, who served Winwick as their Curate from 1845 until 1848, was the grandson of Sir Richard Carr Glyn, who was created the Baronet of Gaunts Horse, Dorset in 1800. He later became the Rector of Wycliffe, Yorkshire from 1854 to 1878 and was to die in Hastings on June 17th, 1882.