The current Manor House, which is a private residence and is not open to the general public, dates from the 16th century and is the oldest lived in house in Northamptonshire. Built by the Andrewes family, who had inherited the Estate by marriage, it was originally a 'H' plan. It also has a fine similar circle archway that has the Andrewes crest on it. Both the Manor and the airchway are listed, as it the adjoining 16th century former tithe barn stables.

In 1611 the Estate was purchased by the Craven family and after the death of Sir William Craven in 1707, the Manor appears to have been usually rented out and over the next 200 years become little more than a farmhouse and in the course of this part of the building was allowed to fall down and then disappear. Things improved for the Manor with the arrival of first Captain Geoffrey Stewart as he and future owners, who all lived at Winwick. In about 1920 the new owner, Eric Brand Butler-Henderson, had a new wing built. The Manor was later extended further by George Hooton Spencer, who purchased it in 1937.

Today the Manor is two separate dwellings having been split in the early 1980s.